Eco tourism as a New Approach to Struggle with Global Challenges in Europe — Turkey


Venue: Yalova, Turkey

Dates of the youth exchange: 15-23 October 2012

APV dates: 15-17 September 2012

Pax: Ondřej Nepraš, Eliška Petrtylová, Martina Otřísalová, Petra Čejková, Tomáš Svoboda (GL)

Project report:

The theme of the project was mainly Ecotourism and global change as global weather and social-economic changes. These topics were discussed in groups, were drawn various projects or we demonstrated them in sketches. Organizers often completed program by thematic information videos. Other activities included energizer games, mass dance and interculture evening. Furthermore, we went for a night walk through the forest, swimming in the sea or a trip to Yalova.

In our free time, we could use the hotels mineral hot springs or sports lounge with billiard and table tennis.

The project has brought us a lot of new information about ecotourism and global warming, many of us have improved conversational English skills and learned how to work in a team.

All participants in a project liked it. After 10 days we had a lot of new friends and we left with unforgettable experiences.

Petra Čejková

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