Really Including Inclusion — United Kingdom


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Worcester, United Kingdom

Dates: 18-25 November 2018

Participants: Nikola Škodáková, Monika Kopřivová, Adéla Kotorová, Hana Vodrážková

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Hosting organisation: Consilium Development and Training “Unlocking potential through learning”

Participants’ fee: €30

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK 

Project report: 

Hey everyone! Let’s take a peek at project „Really Including Inclusion“, that took place in Worcester [wʊstə]. There were 35 people in total and 13 representatives from different countries, including us – 4 Czech women.

As for the logistics, we were accommodated in Travelodge near the Guildhall where we did all the sessions, and near the city centre. Breakfast was already arranged, it wasn’t that far away, but it was our responsibility to buy food for lunch and dinner with the money we received from the organization. The schedule was quite demanding. We were doing a lot of activities in smaller groups and afterwards, we performed or introduced our ideas to others.

The activities were focused on inclusion, which means we were talking a lot about disabled people, people with fewer opportunities, immigrants, gender equality and other topics relating to inclusion. Overall, most of the activities were dealing with feelings and possibilities for young people. I must say, that from the practical point of view, we didn’t really learn how to help these people and didn’t go into the depth of a problem, but we understood them more. On their defence, inclusion as such is a wide term that consists of many different areas of issues, so there are many possibilities how to create a project. Although, our lecturers managed to accomplish the goal that they set up at the beginning.

Throughout the week we managed to create amazing group full of inspiring people who contributed in every possible way and were respecting each other. We also enriched one another with our knowledge, represented inclusion in Czech Republic and found out about inclusion in other countries. We shared ideas that might help to include people with fewer opportunities into society and experienced some disabilities on our own. The group we were working with was changing everyday many times. Thus, we learned how to cooperate with people of different age and experience. The only thing that was missing on this project was intercultural night. We shared our food during breaks, that weren’t long enough to talk with everybody and represent the food and country properly. We also hadn’t chance to bound more and get to know each other as we would during the intercultural night.

On the other hand, the staff – Michi, Leila and Sheila were incredible. They were making sure we had everything we needed and were extremely helpful. They recommended some places to visit even though they don’t live in Worcester. Many thanks again!

The last thing I would like to mention is the travel reimbursement. This was the first time, when the organization gave us the money directly in cash in euros, so we had to book everything in advance and send or hand in the copies of tickets and invoice.

To sum it up, we had a great week in Worcester and we would like to thank EYCB for sending us to this project and Consilium Development and Training “Unlocking potential through learning” for learning something new.

Nikola Škodáková

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