A (Self) Learning Journey – Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Bansko, Bulgaria

Dates: 10th—29th July 2023

National team: : 5 participants (18-25 year)

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Association Walktogether

Project report:

A (Self) Learning Journey was a unique Erasmus project aimed at fostering personal development within a holistic and spiritual context. The project was held in the scenic town of Bansko, Bulgaria, where the stunning backdrop of Bulgarian mountains served as our sanctuary for growth and self-exploration. Under the expert guidance of our leaders – Ray, who introduced us to various spiritual practices; Ida, who led our personal development; and Lora, who ensured smooth coordination and administration, we embarked on a transformative journey.

The structure of our project encompassed two enriching workshop sessions daily. These sessions, focused on yoga, meditation, and esotericism, were balanced beautifully with leisure activities. We explored the town of Bansko, went on rejuvenating walks in the Bulgarian mountains, and took full advantage of our hotel’s wellness facilities.

We participated in a lively cultural night, showcasing our diverse backgrounds. Other memorable experiences included an intriguing moon ritual and a thrilling blindfolded dancing lesson. These activities were both challenging and rewarding, pushing our boundaries and expanding our perceptions.

The transformative power of this project revealed itself in the growth we experienced individually and as a team. A standout was the insightful use of the “Hero’s Journey” storytelling technique, which offered a fresh perspective on personal growth. In addition, the teachings of mindfulness, presence, and the fundamentals of yoga and meditation will undoubtedly have lasting impacts on our personal and professional lives.

“A (Self) Learning Journey” was a melting pot of diverse experiences. The synergy between personal development and spirituality, combined with the unforgettable bonds formed and the intercultural exchange, created an enriching and transformative journey. The experiences shared, and the lessons learned during this journey, have enriched us immeasurably, and will guide us as we continue on our individual paths.(Thomas Dvorak)

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