Change Places, Change Lives – Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Taevaskoja village, Tartu, Estonia

Dates: 12-19 April 2016

Participants: Michaela Rolečková, Lila Uhrinová 

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Participating countries: Estonia, Italy, Austria, Finland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Greece and Germany

Hosting organisation: Noored Ühiskonna Heaks

Project report:

On 12th of April started one of the best experiences of my life- training course Change places, Change lives focused on the topic of migration and building of tolerant society towards this topic. We, 23 participants of the course, were picked up by bus in Tartu, Estonia, and it took us to the place called Taevaskoja where the organization team was already prepared to give us welcome. The place where we stayed was totally amazing- wooden cottage in the middle of forest, quiet environment, and beautiful nature. After a dinner first session in the spacious activity hall began. Nothing serious, just first tries to know one another, first conversations, smiles, laugh.

The other day began an official programme. The daily schedule was designed in very balanced way, with four sessions, reflection time, evening social programme and five meal and coffee breaks. After every break we had short exercise called energizer which made us more productive and happy. First day we were mostly focused on building of a great team. It meant a lot of fun and throwing of last signs of shyness away. In the afternoon we experienced really exciting and challenging activity of kick biking in the forest. It was absolutely awesome!

Next day more serious part of the programme started- introduction to the topic of migration, overview of the situation in European countries, trends and factors in migration, etc. In the evening so called intercultural night was organized. We knew one another culture, its music, traditions, tastes and we had a lot of fun! Waking up on the other day was a little bit harder. Although after a small energizer we were able to continue in absorbing new information. This time the form was much more interactive- we played a game which was supposed to simulate how migrants feel after coming to a new country. It made us appreciate more the opportunities we have and conditions we live in. In the end of the day it was a time for relax in sauna.

On forth day we were prepared to discover how the reality of refugees in Estonia is. After visiting refugee centre in Tartu we had a great time together walking around city, having dinner in the cosy place and finally enjoying fun in a circus. Next morning we were asked to create a Refugee Board Game which could be use in a real school by children so they could understand better the situation of migration and start to think about it in more tolerant way. We performed our game in local school and I think it was a success and students seemed to be really pensive about the topic.

The final came so soon. Last afternoon together, recapitulation of the week, reflexion time, barbecue party, hugs, fun. On 19th we went to the airport and said goodbye to one another. I hope not forever ♥

Thank to organization team and all participants for making this week such amazing time! J


Lila Uhrinová

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