Think Global, Act Local (training course) – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Sant’Emiliano, Italy

Dates: 17-23 May 2016

Participants: Petra Mirajová

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Latvia

Hosting organisationAssociazione Culturale Eufemia

Project report:

The training course called “Think Global, Act Local“ took place in the small village Albugnano in Italy, one hour far away from Turin, from 17th to 23rd of May 2016. The program for 15 participants from Czech republic, Latvia, Turkey, Romania and Portugal was prepared by two amazing facilitators – Rita and Pasquale from Italian organization Eufemia, Turin. All communication was in English. We were really lucky because all our activities could take place in permacultural farm Ca’Mariuccia, where each employee of farm take care of us like we were queens or kings who came as a visitors to this beautiful place full of inspiration. For six nights we were sleeping in the town not far away from the farm in double/single rooms.

The opportunity to see how they are managing the farm was one of the advantages because it went perfectly with the topic of our training, which was to talk about how we can bring the health, sustainability and environment inside of the international trainings and mainly inside of the following Youth Exchanges, our organizations, schools, kindergartens, workshops, etc.

The first day started by original speed-dating when each participant got an opportunity to introduce his/her own organizations or projects where he/she is active. In the afternoon there was a visit of farm Ca’Mariuccia leaded by owner Andrea and one of the employees Anna who explained us why they have decided to create a permacultural farm and what it means to lead this kind of farm. From organizers of the training was really smart that we could be in this kind of place where we could eat local food, we could talk with a big amount of local people and employees who were part of our discussions and evening’s activities.

In following days we tried to define in our discussions, brainstorming, workshops, talks, sharing opinions what is for us sustainable project in social, economical and ecological way. The goal was also to put aspects of sustainability inside some competences of YouthPass and to try create a small guide of tips for future participants of similar trainings. One of the main goal was to think about and create the program of the following Youth Exchange which will contain our ideas of activities which can help to young people to imagine all positives of sustainability, active lifestyle, local consumption, cooperation, ecology, creativity and cultural differences.

What can I say in the end? For sure that the training was very useful for me and I hope that we are ready to pass our new-old knowledge to young people in the age 16 – 19 years who will be part of following Youth Exchange from 28th of July to 6th of August 2016 in village close to Alps – Folgarida (TN). It will be amazing opportunity to try all what we have learnt in practice. It was beautiful experience which was nice to share with people who have some experiences and knowledge and they are happy to share it.  So I know now about some cool activities and projects which I can try to put in practice in my organization.

Petra Mirajová

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