Let’s PartYcipate! – Finland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Lapua, Finland

Dates:  8 – 15 August 2016

Participants: Eva janečková, Linda Novotná

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Participating countries:  Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Finsko

Hosting organisationLapuan kaupunki – Town of Lapua & Nuorisotoimisto – Youth Office

Project report:

The training course Let’s PartYcipate supported by the Erasmus+ program aimed at important topics of rural development and active citizenship.  There were 24 youth workers involved in this training course from 9 different countries: Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland and Turkey. Youth department from Lapua was in charge of this project in cooperation with Hungarian organization YOPA (trainers: Mara Arvai and Ende Kiss). This training course took place from 8th to 15th August 2016 in Lapua, Finland.

During 6 working days, youth workers developed their journey of recognizing their power of helping the youth they work with in their local NGOs to support the ideas, thoughts and opinions of these youngsters, in order to increase the active participation through local and international youth activities in rural areas.

Some of the learning objectives of this training course were understanding of active participation of young people in Erasmus+ projects and presentation of possibilities that can be realized on international and local level under this program. This knowledge was turned from theory into action in form of introducing these topics to local youngsters in high school in Lapua. This training course thus had an immediate outcome that will be followed by usage of the gained knowledge in home countries of youth workers participating in this mobility. Moreover, this training course focused on new ideas about projects/events coming from the participants themselves to create new initiatives on European and local level.


Not only these topics were discussed during this training course; by creating a friendly atmosphere, participants shared their experience from the field of youth work, methods and techniques they are familiar with. Furthermore, they helped each other in many ways, they inspired each other, motivated themselves and others  to further work, created new friendships and partnerships and last but not least they enriched their knowledge about culture, geography of individual countries and their personal experience.

Eva Janečková 

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