Social Harmonization with Refugees: Understanding the Situation of Refugees and Creating Work Plan on Social Inclusion — Turkey


Programme: Erasmus+: Youth, Key Action 1: traning course

Venue: Adana, Turkey

Dates: 3—11 September 2021

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Birlikte Yasam Dernegi

Participating countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania, North Macedonia, France, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom

Czech team: Mariia Yermak, Tereza Havelková

Project report:

36˚ above zero, smell of Kebabs, fresh fruits and pistachios on every corner…sounds like a great opportunity to prolong the summer holidays, doesn’t it?

And that was exactly how I thought while applying to this project. However, it more than exceeded my expectations. It just gave me one of the most incredible weeks in my life with wonderful people from different corners of the world united under one specific project.

From the name of the training the one can understand that the main topic was migration and current world situation with refugees. During the week we had quite an intense program with morning and afternoon sessions. However, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t have any free time. The organizers were really flexible when it comes to timing and we had enough time to explore the city of Adana, try local cuisine and have a looot of fun.

Regarding the content of the training course, I can say that among all the projects I’ve participated, this one was the most informative and thought-provoking so far. The activity that vividly stands up in my mind is the simulation, which facilitators organized for us one day. We were divided into groups- refugee families from different backgrounds. And for 5 hours we were placed in the conditions, which real migrants and refugees have to overcome when leaving their houses due to bombing, war; walking hundreds of kms without food or water; the process of submitting the documents on border; separation of families; denials to family members…the list goes on and on. The experience was incomparable with any other I’ve had before. We really understood how those people feel when arriving to new country, where they don’t know the traditions, the language, where no one cares about them. After this training course I reconsidered the way I looked at some nations or minorities. It has broadened my outlook and opened new horizons for realization of my own project ideas.

Hope to see all of the participants again at some time in future!

Finally, I’d love to thank the sending organization as well as the receiving one for this unforgettable experience!

                                                                                                                          Mariia Yermak



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