Active Unit Social Changes — Cyprus


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Larnaca, Kypr

Dates: 1-8 September 2013

Participants: Lucie Jasanská, Jana Faksová, Petra Mičkalová, Ondřej Průcha, Milan Halašta, Vojtěch Sikyta

Participant’s fee: €30

Participating nations: Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal

Project report:

 Back from hot and sunny Cyprus to cold and rainy Czech Republic. It was my first impression about project in Cyprus, well first but not last. I already had some experience with Exchanges but never be a part of project like this and suddenly I became a leader. Too much for „beginner“ ?not really, nice challenge to get some leadership experience and to be honest I think I received more than I expected.

We had some bad luck at the begging, some our luggage’s were destroyed (lockers) and we had to face this for the first time in our life, it was not pleasant but we were alive which was the main point. Actually it was bad sign and it bright again when I dislocated shoulder during beach games, not happy accident. Thanks to Savvas and Lucy who helped me immediately to get first help in hospital ,everything went fast and they helped me soon, unfortunately I became just only „one hand Zizka“.

Project was very well organized, planned and prepared timetable with various activities from workshops about social changes, which is serious topic. From my point of view it was really nice to put our work, ideas to flash-mob like a finishing part of our research.

You always find something what is bad for even if programme is brilliant like that one. For example I would rate as the worst think on project food, which was every day same and not fresh. Some of us had stomach issues me as well. Also we had some complications with accommodation, last day we had to move to another hotel, but everything was fine, we had a place to stay and we were happyJ

To sum up we had wonderful time, find new friend from 6 different countries, have new experience and some injuries. Organizers were helpful in all ways. From point of leader vie, Czech group was the best one, reallly !!! Thanks Czech’s, YiA in Breclav, Thanks to Cyprus, Thanks to Anastasis, Savvas, Sofokles, Mariana, Niki and the rest of Cyprus team, Thanks all participants for AMAZING time and memories!!!.

 Sun shines 300 days in Cyprus so you won’t probably missed when you go there so „Czech it“. 

Ondřej Průcha

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