Walk on the Wild Side — Italy


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Recoaro Terme, Italy

Dates: 11—20 September 2023

Czech team: 5 participants + 1 group leader

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Studio Progetto

Project report:

The Youth Exchange Walk on the Wild Side was promising active time spent in nature with various activities and a lot of things to try. And this promise was fulfilled. The first and second day of the project were mainly about getting to know each other through various activities and games that were mainly about having fun and sticking closer together. The actual program aiming at the exchange topic started on the third day where we first went for a hike. Our goal was to reach and explore the typical historical buildings of the Veneto region and learn more about the way people lived there in the past centuries. After a bit of intensive first day, we had the fourth day of the program calmer. We went for a small hike to see a historical church standing at the top of the hill with an amazing view of the small dolomites. On Friday we had planned a hike with a local guide to find out the quality of water in the local river and the sources of groundwater. We used two different methods of determining water quality and if it’s drinkable for people. On Saturday we had a calmer program with some indoor activities and in the afternoon, we took part in the Street festival that took place in Valdagno. Sunday was meant to be a free day to explore the Veneto region or whatever else each of us wanted. Most people went to see the key cities in the area, Venice and Verona. But some people choose other destinations such as a visit to Lago di Garda, Valdagno or a hike to one of the mountains in small dolomites. On Monday was planned climbing. For a lot of people, the most interesting part of the whole program. And by the reactions of the ones that tried to climb, it was a great experience, despite the rain which made it even more challenging. On the last day, we focused on the final evaluation. The activities were meant to somehow close the project and we tried to distinguish the things we can take from the project into the future.

This Youth exchange was mainly for young people from 16 to 20 and I’m happy with how well we stuck together as a collective and how nice and positive the atmosphere there was. Also, I’m grateful for the other Czechs in the project and how great team we created together. I feel like the whole topic and approach to it was valuable as counted to have fun but also to show someone the active lifestyle in the mountains and the possibilities to connect people through nature and outdoor activities. 

Tomáš R.

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