Get Your Own Picture — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Yozgat, Turkey

Dates: 18—29 October 2023

Czech team: 6 participants

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Kultur & Art

Project report:

In the “Find Your Own Image” project, we embarked on an incredible journey of creativity and collaboration. Over the course of 10 days, participants from diverse backgrounds came together to write, shoot, and edit their own films, collaborating with 50 others in the process. It was a transformative experience.

The main goal was to create short films centered around the theme of Active Citizenship. The project not only taught us the technical aspects of filmmaking but also the power of storytelling and self-expression. We weren’t just filmmakers; we were storytellers, capturing our unique perspectives on the theme.

The project was a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and beliefs. We explored the differences and similarities between our backgrounds, fostering understanding and respect. Despite our diverse origins, we discovered profound commonalities that bound us together. It was a celebration of diversity and unity, showcasing the strength of collaboration across borders.

The project allowed us to not only create films but also reflect on the impact of audiovisual language. We realized the potential of films as a tool for expressing opinions, encouraging dialogue, and fostering active participation in society. The screening event, where our creations were showcased to the public, was a moment of pride and accomplishment. It was a testament to our hard work, creativity, and the spirit of collaboration that defined the entire project.

Moreover, the project was more than just filmmaking; it was a platform for personal growth and community building. Through exchanges and interactions, we honed our filmmaking skills and developed a deeper understanding of ourselves and our roles as active citizens. The experience empowered us to become advocates for change, armed with the knowledge that our voices mattered and could make a difference.

As we left the program, each participant carried with them a digital master of their creations and a Youth Pass, symbolizing not just the technical skills acquired but the profound personal and collective growth experienced. The “Find Your Own Image” project was more than just a workshop; it was a transformative journey that equipped us with the tools and inspiration to continue telling our stories, shaping our communities, and building a better future for all.



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