Unleash Your Creativity & Bring Great Ideas to Life — Hungary


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Győr, Hungary

Dates: 7-14 March 2019

Participants Kateřina Hrdá, Jan Kvíčala, Matěj Keka

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Muvészet Oktatás Studio (Most)

Project report: 

Are we in fairy-tail? If you look around, you see a few bungalows in the middle of nature. Where we are? In Archilles park, close the city Győr and one hour by car from Budapest. So welcome in Hungary. 
What we are doing here?  We´re here at a training course called Unleash Your Creativity And Bring Great Ideas to Life. We know from the named course that this is a course for developing our creativity. So, what did we do?
Our first task was to create our nickname. So somebody named like favourite colour, or favourite cartoon or short name. So remember all 26 nicknames. :D.. For better know each other, we started a game in groups.  We had 7 stations, where we’re prepared tasks for us. For example, watch on the landscape around 3 minutes, write 10 observations about the place, take pictures, who nobody takes yet before or take a video, where we played, that we are at the end of a project and we rate, how was our course. After these activities, we talked about feelings during activities and before dinner, we had created a family, where we had a meeting every evening and talked, how was our day and what we liked the day etc. 
Next day we wrote crazy activities, what we can do in the areal, for example:  dance on the table, pretend to be animal, pick mushrooms, jump till lake etc.. and after we choose some activity and we had 30 minutes to do it. 
Or find our question what we interest and after we had question date, where others ask to our question. Or how to improve chair, create ideas for the thing, where we can use that etc… Also, we had one afternoon free, so most people went to trip to Gyor. It’s a very nice city, so I recommend visiting. 🙂 
Last days we had our projects in groups, somebody had mental health, toxic relationships, find the passion, and my group had the education system. It was interesting, that almost Europe countries have a very similar education system and we see the same problems, what should be changed. 
So thank for the perfect preparation of our trainers Tracie and Zóra and our organizer Kata. This week was fabulous.  And also thank you organization Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav, for this experience. 
Kateřina Hrdá

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