Youth for All … All for Humanity – Portugal


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Rio Maior, Arrouquelas, Portugal

Dates:  19 – 27 June 2016

Participants: Kristýna Veselková, Karolína Greplová

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Participating countries:  Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Malta, Turkey, France, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia

Hosting organisationH2O

Project report:

The Portugal time

First of all, I’d like to introduce you this project, its aim and other necessary facts. It was called “Youth For All, All For Humanity. And that basically says everythingJ. Well, okay, I gonna tell you more…

We were trained by two absolutely perfect trainers. How can I claim this? Because it’s math: you take two honest people with a passion for the project, you add interesting activities, good sense of humour and at the same time serious conversation about the topic and that ends up to be a very good combination. Even though it was in Portugal, they were trainers from Hungary. If you ever have a chance to meet Mara and Endre, you are lucky one then, believe me.

Our hosting organisation is called H2O located in a small village named Arrouquelas and with Alex starring. This man cares about everything and nothing. You hardly meet someone like him but if you do, it is an inspiring moment in the best way I could mean it J. Someone rarely knows his plans but I guarantee it is always a good one. During the week he always appears, says something probably very important to know and then disappear again. He and his volunteers managed to prepare for us very good environment and amazing food. Since he very believes in the purpose of these kinds of projects, he was very strict with basic rules. However, as a person, he is very friendly and open. He welcomed as not just in his organisation but in his village and home. We had a great time at the local celebration, we watched football together (tell you this, watching EURO in Portugal should be on your bucket list since every Portuguese is probably born with ball) or we spent one day in Lisbon. Everything makes us feel very welcomed.

During the project, we were learning how to prepare an online and offline campaign in order to raise awareness of refugee situation. At the end of the week, we’ve managed to prepare our own campaign in a smaller group. You can check it on the H2O profile on the Facebook, look for H Dois O Arrouquelas. I would never believe I can do my own street campaign and I can even enjoy it!

There are many things to say more but to summarise it; I’d like to say that I firmly believe that projects under Erasmus+ have a great influence. Not just that you can learn new interesting things, not just that you can travel, not just that you can practise and develop your skills and abilities, language and so, but also that you realise how youths from all around the world are practically the same, with the same needs, humour, fears or hopes. And at the same time, you find people who inspire you and who may become close friends for your life.

Kristýna Veselková

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