Let’s Dare Crisis: Theatre of the Oppressed for Living in and Leaving Behind Crisis — France


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 28 September—9 October 2022

Venue: La Chaudière, France

National team: Markéta Kráčmarová, Heorhij Ščerbak, Natálie Schejbalová, Lucie Herzogová 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: La Rapugada

Project report:

On the 28th of September I participated in a training course in La Chaudière, France. For me it was meaningful and life-changing experience. This project brought together enthusiastic and charismatic people from Czechia, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania. The main topic was the theatre of the oppressed. We learned about the method of forum theatre, shared our experiences, learned about different oppressions that are happening all around the world.

Thanks to the creative and playful activities we had a chance to find out hidden spots of ourself and share experiences with the ones around us. Step by step, we challenged our barriers, faced our fears and escaped our comfort zone. With the facilitation and support of the organizers team (Mary, Nora and Lily) we managed to create 5 different performances based on true stories of our participants. Personal stories made it more personal and sensitive, so we were really engaged in the topic of oppression in the world. I think that every oppression type which, described in performances had a huge impact on each of us. On the reflection day, we all agreed that it was, an unforgettable experience.

Culture nights were legendary, so authentic and fun! It felt as if I am really visiting the countries. As performances were based on true stories, we also had an opportunity to see the social problems of each country.

I made a lot of friends on the project. We shared a lot of deep talks and inside jokes. With some of the participants we plan to meet again. The participants were sweet and kind, organizers were caring and really listened to our needs, we felt like a big family. Special thanks to the Michelin star chef cook Emily, which provided to us the tastiest vegetarian adventure that I could imagine!

We all were amazed and astonished by the location of the project. Deep in the mountain forest, it felt like a fairy tale. Fresh air, farm animals and the ambient calmness of the wild nature. Also many interesting places to discover in free time. What a joy!

I am so thankful to our Czech team, all other teams, organizers, and off course EYCB to the possibility to participate in such a meaningful project and together create a truly impactful experience.

Heorhij Ščerbak

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