Take Action Now! — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Braga, Portugal

Dates: 12—18 October 2022

Czech team:Martina Kyselá, Adéla Škorpilová, Tereza Bachronová

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: SYnergia Portugal

Project report:

Olá from Portugal, especially from Braga the third biggest city in the country. We are sending regards from the country of the perfect port wine, famous pastel de nata and beautiful and lovely people, amazing culture and history, good football and so on.

Project Take action now was taken in a really nice, historical city full of the amazing churches and beautiful spots. City is the oldest city in whole country and have a lot of what to offer to see.

We spent a lot of time by talking about the topic SDG’s and it was really interesting and we learned a lot of new things about this topic. Everyday was really different and we did a lot of activities. One day we were making a program for young volunteers and youths from local organization. We made a group of the 4 people that was making a program for this young group for more then 40 minutes. Each of the group had almost two days to work on the project/program based on the SDG’s topics. We talked a lot about specific’s topics that we are interested the most. Especially our group choose climate action, gender equality good health and well-being. We had also some sessions where we talked about the projects and EU, our sending organizations and our work, experiences. For sure on of the evening we had a cultural evening where we were representing our local food, sweets, candies and drinks, traditions and amazing places must to see in Czech Republic.

One of the evenings we had an amazing dinner in one beautiful place in the centre of the city Braga. All evening we were drinking sangria and we tried a lot of amazing food typical for the Portugal. Everything was perfect and the evening really incredible.

Trainers on the project were super nice and really friendly. The place where we were staying was also amazing because we were meeting there with some other groups of the young people. The organization is very active and they are doing a lot of local’s and also international’s projects as our was.

Thanks a lot to EYCB for this nice opportunity and a chance to be a part of this nice project!

Cannot wait for some new adventures.

Obrigado from Portugal!

Martina Kyselá

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