Game Lab — Croatia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 4—11 July 2022

Venue: Rijeka, Croatia

Please read the info-pack and the daily programme. Please also check out all project photos and the project booklet

Hosting organisation: Institut za poticanje mladih

Participating countries: Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Croatia

Czech team: Jan Košák (GL), Michael Csepcsar, Adam Jantula, Filipa Janoušková, Petra Galanidisová, Pavla Vlčková

Project report: 

Sea, sun and Croatia… that sounds like a great start. It was a pleasure to travel to Rijeka with Czech team on the 4th of July. Looking forward to the project “Game lab” that ended on the 11 of July 2022. There were five people from each country: the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Romania and the host country: Croatia.

We have to say thank you to the perfect preparation and organization of our leaders – Mateo and Elena. It was a wonderful project with many different activities. We have been playing many games and with them we are learning new skills and gaining new experience. Basically, all activities have been very creative, and everyone had a chance to participate and help others. Theory of the games, team building, and cooperation have been main fields where we have learned a lot. Communication and presentations have been in English, so we could improve our language skills and grow. 

The intercultural night was amazing, so many different cultures, food, drinks, dances and languages. For someone who likes traveling and getting to know new people and countries it was like living in the dream. We had change to learn about Croatian culture, try all different plates and even learn a new dance.

We were also visiting Rijeka and playing games inside of the city. There we have learned a lot about the region and about the history of Rijeka. Also, we visited the historical castle of Rijeka on the top of the mountain where was a local food festival at the time. And there was of course time on the beach, enjoying sun and playing team games in the sea.

During the project we had a chance to create national games. Using different tools for learning about our countries by playing. It was a great activity which we will use on other events for sure.

Last but not least we have to say thank you to EYCB for perfect coordination and communication. It was an amazing opportunity and everyone from our team would love to go again. We have learned a lot, we have made new friendships and Croatia is just a beautiful country. Thank you so much.

                                                                                                                             Jan Košák

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