7 regions, 7 cultures – Turecko


Date: 6. – 13. July 2008

Place: Ankara, Turkey

Partners: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania

Participants: Michal Žižlavský (group leader), Jana Parolková, Jana Emerencie Kostrhunová, Anna Báborová, Tereza Cyprisová.

Topic: The main topic of this project was the introduction of seven different Turkish regions and their specific culture. Each of the paritipating nations introduced their country (by powerpoint as well as at the intercultural evening with their typical food and drinks). The Turks performed a henna night as well as they danced their traditional dances in Turkish national/regional costumes.
Part of the project was a visit to Turkish spa (hamam), a picnic in a desert near Ankara and we also visited Atatürks mausoleum. 

Jana Parolková

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