Unrooting Youth Radicalisation — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Maceira – Fornos de Algodres, Portugal

DAtes:: 22—30 August 2022

For more information please read the info-pack & check out the project Fb page.

Hosting organisation: Associação de Promoção Social, Cultural e Desportiva de Fornos de Algodres (APSCDFA)

Czech team: Denisa Veidlichová. Martina Tothová, Marie Mlezivová, Vendula Hrabinová

Project report:

Democracy has always been a stable and very important part of our lives. However, even this essential pillar of social security is now having a hard time not falling due to the radicalisation of people. When it comes to youth, there is still a chance to make a change. 

Our training course called Unrooting Youth Radicalisation (name is pretty self-explanatory ☺), held in the picturesque town of Maceira, located almost in the heart of Portugal, was carried out in a very calm spirit. We went to Italy as a group of 4 young, previously unknown but highly motivated people for whom democracy and human rights have an important part of everyday life. I must say that meeting inspiring and kind people thanks to Erasmus+ is an amazing lifetime opportunity. Since one can not only make amazing friends, as I did, but also meet very smart and invested people in different fields of work and study.

From the activities themselves, we can mention different discussions, workshops, or physical activities, which were intended to familiarise the participants with the issue of inclusion and equality. As part of expeditions from Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Portugal, Latvia and, of course, Czech Republic, we also had the opportunity to connect more with locals by visiting elderly houses and getting to know their everyday joys and struggles. These meetings made us appreciate life to the fullest and motivated us to help others even more.

Furthermore, we were hiking quite a few times to fully explore the beautiful nature Fornos de Algodres has to offer (I mean, where else would you see a palm tree planted right next to the evergreen one?). As for the program, we learned how to break the cultural stigma in youth by sharing different traditions, cuisine and different knowledge and memory quizzes. Of course, lots of talking must be involved but being in such a lovely atmosphere it is not a problem at all. An important thing many people forget about is that even though together we are stronger, we must not forget we all are just people and if we want a change, we must start from us. 

Surely, participating in multinational events such as this one is one great step ahead. Because, thanks to this opportunity you can share good practice examples from abroad and learn how to use the limited resources we have more efficiently. As you might ask – What did the training course offer? Experiences that motivate us to participate in other events. It is very motivating to move in an international environment where you have the opportunity to improve either your language skills or to practise your creativity, the ability to represent not only yourself, but especially your country. From this point of view, our participation in Portugal fulfilled its purpose.

We look forward to further activities in cooperation with EYBC! ☺ Obrigado

                                                                                                                                        Martina Tothová

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