The Art of Recycling – Romania


Programme & action: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Brebu, Romania

Dates: 21—30 June 2021

Please read the info-pack.

Participants per group: 5+1GL

Participating countries: Lithuania, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece

Hosting organisation: Centrul de Resurse pentru Regenerare Urbană

Project description:

What is this youth exchange about?

In disadvantaged communities the importance of recycling is not so well understood and this is what we try to teach them directly, with the help of international groups of young people who, through recycled art will make this activity more attractive and will also show the different ways of using recycled materials.

Project aim:

Through our project we want to offer an alternative and teach the participants how they can recycle, through art and design, in a fun way, reusable materials into useful articles or even real works of art.

This makes recycling more attractive and reduces the amount of waste in disadvantaged communities and becomes an extra tool in the fight against economic problems because it can become an alternative source of income.

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