Clear Skies Clear Minds — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Pákozd, Hungary

Dates: 8—16 October 2023

Czech team: 2 participants 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Youth of Europe Association

Project report:

Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization of our leaders. We created amazing team full of amazing friendly people from 10 countries all across the Europe. During first activities we got to know each other better and thanks to that we were able to communicate without any problems. We talked for example about environmental problems of many places on Earth and possibilities to help our planet. Second big part of project was dealing with anxiety.

Thanks to organisator Richie we know now a lot of ways how to deal with this terrible sickness. Thanks to many activities we improved our English and even learned a few new words.

On a multicultural night we got to know a little bit better other cultures of more than 10 countries and we tasted many specialities of each state. One night it was just Hungarian night and we danced and learned traditional dances. We even tasted traditional foods and drinks. Hungary is not far away from Czech Republic but it has very different traditions. That was very surprising in positive way.

This project was really special to us. We would like to get back any time. Everything was so perfect, funny and useful, like somewhere in different world. Best thing about this project was to learn about other nations and their characters. Every nations is different and unique. But we collaborated so well. There were no arguments and no problems between us.

Everyone wanted to change the world to a better place. We had to make our final product and make our reams. Every team created something useful that can help people and I find that beautiful. Everybody makes this place better. Our team created board game about awareness of global problems. Second team invented a calendar to help little children dealing with anxiety and third team made really amazing card game to help nature.

For all of us this is just the start. Now, when we came back to our countries we have to spread awareness about these problems. We have only one Earth so don’t destroy it. The people have the power to change everything so let’s not waste it.

To sum it up, we had an amazing time! We learned a lot and got to know amazing people. Thanks a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen! And I could recommend everyone to sign up for this type of project. It was worth it.


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