Human Rights Education for Rural Youth: Seminar – Albania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Seminar

Venue: Pogradec, Albania

Dates: 3 – 11 September 2016

Participants: Michaela Šedová, Marcela Janků, David Hackl

Please read the info-pack a daily programme 

Participating countries: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Greece

Hosting organisation: Youth for Social Changes 

Project report:

I would like to say: Faleminderit (probably the only albanien expresision the most of us learned during the project) – Thank you! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the second part of the training course Human Rights Education for Rural Youth in Albania.

Nine nice days (from the 3th till 11th of September) spent our czech group with participants from other nine countries, mostly from Balkan, by the beautiful lake Ohrid near Pogradec.

First part of the project was held already in March this year. In that time we learned a lot about action research and shared informations regarding human rights in each country. Our task was to choose a problem regarding HR in our country. We had time till the beginning of September to work on our campaigns in each county. Czech team choose a topic Discrimination of the religious minorities in the Czech Republic. We prepared questionnaires, did research on the internet and organized a disscusion in one NGO which cooperates with foreigners.

In September we met again to share the experience and the results of our campaings in each country. At the same place, in the same hotel in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nice mountains and the beautiful lake.

In the beginning there were doubts about the continuity of the program not just because a lot of new participants came. We didn´t have so much time to present our campaings or discuss about them. There was  prepared new program which wasn´t that interesting for the people who already participated in the first part of the project. Sadly, because of that, the good energy was missing time to time. In spite of the program changes we learned new informations about human rights or campaining.

On the other hand – the project is not just about the program but in the first place about people. New participants, new friendships, new connections. We had the opportunity to share our experience and ideas. The topic human rights was so interesting for all of us that we didn´t hesitate to discuss about it even in the free time. And of course not just about it.

One day we visited the municipality in Pogradec and got to know what they are doing for young people in the region. We had also the opportunity to go for a trip. Some of us travelled to Ohrid, some of us went to Korca.

To sum it up – it was really great to be back. It was amazing to meet old frieds and also create new friendships, it was nice to learn more about human rights and share all the ideas and experience with people from different parts of Europe. It was enriching to get to know Albania more, the beautiful but so much different country with its culture and people. Thank you for the opportunity to experience all of it!

Michaela Šedová

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