Tale for Share — Turkey


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Kızkalesi, Mersin, Turkey

Dates: 25 October – 2 November 2013

Participants: Lenka Kubesová, Blanka Hrdinová, Veronika Kůsová, Lukáš Mišinger, Viktor Šašinka

Participating countries: Turkey, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, Bulgaria

Project report:

Turkey, country with a long history and Kizkalesi a small town near Mersin, was our home for one week 25.10.-2.11.2013. Czech group as well as groups from Lithuania, Finland, Bulgaria and Turkey came to participate in the project “Tale for share”. Theme of the project was to share national sports and talk about healthy lifestyle. Each country was talking about the sport’s history but also about the history of their customs and culture.

The organizers had prepared an enjoyable program of entertainment and knowledge. We usually started at 10 AM whit the program after good breakfast. Afternoon’s workshops lasted until lunch was served with typical meal of the local region. After a short break we continued our workshops. In the evenings always was a social program. During the workshops, we performed multiple tasks and learned about the local population. We have formed a mixed group and tried to work as a team. Each group then presented their views on the questions and solutions on given tasks. National sports weren’t only presented but also we had a chance to play them on the beach together.

We spent free day together on Byzantine monuments in the city and in the afternoon we visited the local caves and vast citrus orchards. In the evening we were invited to a traditional Turkish bachelor party called henna night. It was a wonderful experience of living tradition in Turkey.

The whole project was in the quiet seaside spirit. We had plenty of time to get to know each other and share their traditions and customs. Knowledge of local people expanded horizons and showed us that predatory lifestyle is mainly in the absence of stress, regular exercise, and love.


Thanks to the project we have lot of new experiences and friendships. Thank you friends for the great time. 

Blanka Hrdinová

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