Enter DignityLand — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Viljandi, Estonia

YE dates: 6 — 14 July 2021

APV dates: 7-10 February 2020

Participants: 4+1GL

Host organisation: MTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks

Participating countries: Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland

Please read the info-pack

Czech team: Ivo Podbraný (GL, APV), Iva Černá, Béatrice Koubayová, Stella Ticháčková, Klára Pánková, Petr Hnilička

Project report:

Dear reader of this report, let us introduce you one really small but truly amazing country full of polite and easygoing people who are able to do really big things. Estonia! Does it ring a bell? You won’t forget this place once you’ve been there! None of us, members of the Czech team, will. I would call the time between 7th and 14th of July the life changing week. Italy, Spain, Estonia, Poland and last but not least, Czech Republic. Those were the participating countries that send a group of six amazing peers to the project called more than appropriately: Enter Dignityland.

Thanks to the hard job and preciseness of Marco and the Estonian team we were able to learn so many things and to have so much fun. Marco put such a big energy in the organization. We even played a board game focused on social rights, which he designed by himself called same as the project: Enter Dignityland (I really recommend to download it and play it with your classmates or as a team building activity). This game along with many other activities helped us to deeply understand social rights and to learn about European social charter. Thanks to the international range of this project we were not only able to talk about the social rights problems and solutions in our country but also either to learn from or to help other countries. Also the non-formal education gave us an opportunity to learn things in other way than we are usually used to in Czech Republic along with learning how to speak in front of others or improving our English level. In addition, not only we we’re sharing our knowledge but also sharing our culture, which was simply wonderful.

In conclusion, the main purpose of the project was to teach us about social rights so we can spread the awareness in our surroundings. Every one of us found out how much are social rights important and how are the social rights influencing us every single day. Now we know we have to spread awareness because it’s the least thing we can do!

Last but not least we would really like to thank our sending organization EYCB because without them this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!

                                                                                    Petr Hnilička

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