Spotting Your Blind Spots – Let’s Explore Our Unconscious Bias — Hungary


Programme: Erasmus+: Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Gyöngyös, Hungary

Dates: 24—31 January 2022 

Please read the info-pack & activities programme.

Participating countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Romania

Hosting organisation: MOSTart Nemzetkozi Kulturalis Kozcelu Egyesulet

Czech team: Jakub Priputen, Kamila Dufková, Martina Filgasová

Project report: 

Hello everybody! It is an honor to tell you about this project that we joined together with Kamila Dufková and Martina Filgasová as the representatives of the Czech team. The project took place in a city Gyöngyös 80 km east from Budapest in Hungary and it lasted from 24th to 31st of January in year 2022 during the covid pandemic, which haven’t stopped us from joining. The other participants have been from Hungary, Romania, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey and Greece.

I must say that even when there were some problems in the beginning with organization, the organizers themselves made it very nice for us. I felt like everything was fine from day one until the last day, when we left. During these 7 days we´ve been able to learn a lot about the topic, which is concentrated towards biases, stereotypes and our unconsciousness. Now all of us feel enlightened by this project, and I only can recommend this as a lifetime experience. It is very nice to know how and why we think the way we do, and how society, mass media and social media influences us in a lot of ways. 

The activities were interesting and nobody pushed us to share our thoughts, so it was very free and everyone got their space and time to think alone, or with just a few people, or to share their thoughts with the whole group. Thanks to the activities, which have been very active we lost our concept of time almost during the whole project. That’s why the project seemed very short for us and in a blink of an eye we were on our way back home.

All the people that joined this project were very friendly and there were no problems with anyone. It was nice to see that everybody was on the same „wave“ as us. We shared a lot together and we found out that we are almost no different from each other. 

I think that this project helped us to make a better world for all the people around us. Now we can share these experiences with others and help them understand this topic. 

Last but never the least I would love to thank our organization EYCB for making this possible and for helping students to travel around the world and giving them the opportunity to get these new experiences! 


                                                                                                                      Jakub Priputen

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