Youth for Future — Latvia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Riga, Latvia

Dates: 17—25 January 2023

Czech team: Nina Kateřina Ratajská, Daniel Giera, Matouš Vondál, Tereza Kutilová

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Youth Association BIID

Project report:

The entire Czech team went to the project in Riga called Youth for Future, with great expectations and also o a slight uncertainty about what to expect. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we had the opportunity to meet representatives from 9 other European countries. In total, we  were meeting almost fifty people every day. Throughout the week in Latvia we learned many new techniques for our future and current youth and group work. The main topics were how to work with minority groups, inclusion and integrating individuals into the collective. We mainly used theatre techniques for this purpose, from pantomime expression, to forum theatre, to the use of the Stanislavski method. This included, of course, presentations of our experiences in this field and a description of the current situation in our countries. 

Riga offered us a lot of great opportunities for leisure time, and we spent the afternoon before the programme exploring the beautiful snow-covered streets and discovering Latvian culture. Although it was a training course, one afternoon the organisers made a programme for us right in the centre of this beautiful historic city. 

We organised the evening entertainment completely on our own, spending most of it together in the centre of Riga. Only one evening the organizer prepared a program for us, it was a traditional intercultural night where we could taste a real Greek salad or a traditional Romanian palinka.

For some of us this project was the first encounter with the Erasmus+ programme, but definitely not the last. Not only we did broaden our horizons in the field of the main theme of the project, but we met a lot of great new young people who will stay in our hearts forever. On behalf of the whole team of Czech participants in Riga, I would like to thank EYCB for facilitating this opportunity!

Nina Ratajská 

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