Fundamentals of Human Rights Education in Youth Work — Spain


Termín konání: 22-28 January 2020

Místo konání: Cañete la Real (near Malaga), Spain

 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Cañete la Real (near Malaga), Spain

Dates: 22-28 January 2020

Participants: 2

Host organisation: Asociación Eo Eo (from Spain and Youth Work Association (from Turkey)

Participating countries: Greece, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Turkey, Romania

Czech participants: Vít Votroubek, Martina Kotorová

Please read the info-pack. 

Project report:

„Hola, que tal? Muy bien!”

It was my pleasure to travel to beautiful Andalusia to take part in training course Fundamental of Human Rights Education in youth work. After heading to not-so-sunny Malaga, we went to small town Alhaurin de la Torre, where we met other participants from Romania, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, France and Poland in the office of the hosting youth Organisation EO,EO.

The project took place in a quite isolated, but lovely village Cañete de la Real, which is situated close to well-known town Ronda.

During an activities at the beginning we got to know each other better. After first theoretical session about Erasmus+ Programm, we were able to start with the topic of the TC easily. The main objectives of the TC were to improve Human Rights knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to contribute to the profession of youth work, provide youth leaders and trainers with the skills and information relevant to HRE, enable participants to provide training to other youth leaders and youth workers in their own communities, discuss differences and similarities in youth work in different countries and explore training tools and practices, which can be used in HRE.

We were discussing, for example, some cases related to fundamental rights as Freedom of speech, human dignity, economical rights etc. Later, experienced trainers from the Youth Work Association shared some useful tools about activities related to Human Rights with us. In the last part of the training course, we focused on future steps and new partnerships between our NGOs. I´m pretty sure, we will see some amazing things happening soon!

In our leisure time, we experienced quite a lot from Spanish culture during trip to Ronda with breathtaking views to the mountains and to the old town and during the last day in finally sunny and warm heart of Malaga. We had opportunity to taste amazing food from all participating countries during the International dinner. Spanish team took responsibility for solving some practical issues, so we felt very comfortable.

What is glorious is the cooperation between nations, realizing that the HRE problems are similar in more European countries and the most important thing is the fact that every individual can take some action to support respecting of Human Rights. We agreed, that education especially in HR field is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Martina Kotorová

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