Stand Together for Equality — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: La Vecilla, Spain

Dates: 4—12 June 2022

National team size: 3 participants + 1 group leader

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Asociación Gastronómica Europea

Project description

„Stand Together for Equality“ – the main topic of this project is integration and knowledge of the LGBTQ+ reality.

The main objective is the development of awareness and information campaign about the LGBTQ+ reality and fight for equal rights. Our objective is to make participants, from different European countries, think together and develop content and information about this reality. In this way, the project will promote the participants‘ knowledge and information for developing a campaign of information and awareness connected with the LGBTQ+.

We intend to make an impact at a personal level, giving participants the tools to increase their employment opportunities while disseminating it in their own cities and turn them into citizens who are active and alive, who are actively participating in their community’s life. The activities are always arranged in a non-formal learning perspective, participatory methodologies that enable participants to learn in a practical and reflective way.

This youth exchnage proposes to develop civic, social, creative and teamwork skills among young Europeans of different nationalities and different cultures. With extensive experience at local level by AGE, it consdiers that this is the next step in these experiences and considers this youth exchange a crucial step towards development. The importance of sharing information and education among participants of different realities and scenarios, as well as the exchange of experiences among the partners associations should also be highlighted.

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