Make the change come true — Live your life sustainable — Germany


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. youth exchange

Venue: Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany

Dates: 20-27 August 2013

Pax:  Libor Karvay, Dominik Prokop, Ivo Kocman, Jan Hřivna, Simona Ševčíková, Magdaléna Pogranová 

Pax fee: €25

Participating countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Ukraine

Project report: 

This project called “Make the change come true-Live your life sustainable” was realized in Saalburg (Thuringia), during 20. – 27. 08. 2013. The main aim of the project was to promote healthy behaviors among young people from different countries through outdoor education. The project should help members to develop knowledge about healthy food, sports activities and get to know different lifestyles from the various participating countries.

The course was mainly focused as prevention of physical inactivity, unhealthy diet styles and sustainability of natural resources. Throughout the project there was a presentation and discussion about those topics and everyone had a chance to learn what healthy lifestyles in individual countries are about. There was also discussion about natural sources, recycling and energetic concepts in individual countries. This discussion, help us to know and understand opinions and differences of another countries concepts and thinking. Different topic was social justice and options of people in their lives, according to their social origin and access to economical resources. 


But for all participants was probably best part of course physical activity itself, including morning exercises, jogging, cycling trip, cannoning on the lake and climbing in Climbing Forest in Saalburg. All those activities were unique occasions to learn something new and get improved our health and physical condition. Itwas fun for all of us and we really enjoyed it. 



Training course was attended by over thirty young people from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, Spain and Czech Republic. Participants therefore often came from different cultures, which contributed to a broadening of horizons of other nations, their customs, traditions and social problems with which these nations face. I think that we all went home with new skills and multicultural enrichment. The atmosphere during whole project had been excellent, particularly due to the openness of the participants and teaching methods (non-formal education).

Simona Ševčíková

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