Europe & Sex: The Impact on Young People — Great Britain


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Dates: 16-25 November 2013

Venue: Cardiff, Wales, UK

Participant: Lucie Kadeřábková

Project report

The main focus of the training “Europe & Sex” was to gain an understanding of the situation regarding Sex, Pregnancy & Relationships in the youth community in Europe. Representatives of different countries but also cultures and religions came to Cardiff to discuss and learn more about methods of increasing youth understanding of sexual health & pregnancy issues. We discussed topics such as Sexual Health Education Policy, Abortion, LGBT, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases, Contraception, Rape and Pornography. We could see vast differences in sexual culture across the countries as the representatives of different countries showed different attitudes and point of views towards those topics.


 The project was very valuable to me and I have to say it “opened my eyes”. It was very interesting to see what different cultures and religions think about the discussed topics. It is also very challenging to try to understand different point of views, take them into consideration and respect them.

The organisation and program were very well done. I had chance to gain knowledge about given topic and make new friends. I would like to thank for the opportunity to participate in this project, it was really an amazing experience!

Lucie Kadeřábková

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