Youth Unemployment: Working on Work — Armenia


Date: 10-18 May 2013

Venue: Dilijan, Arménie

Pax: Ondřej Serbousek

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme,
action 3.1. training cours

Pax fee: €30.

Project report:


Project was placed in small city Dilijan in Caucasus Mountains approximately 100 km far from Yerevan. For Armenian people is this city known tourist place but for European considering is not so big and even level of tourist is not so high. But awesome nature around is totally amazing. Great view is sometimes destroyed by some old beton monument or new big house from millionaire but still is nature around great. Close to city is very known Sevan Lake and monastery in mountains.

Topic of project was focused on youth unemployment, finding solution and sharing experiences in this theme. Participant’s together discussed about different approaches, learning how to write CV or motivation letter or how to be prepared for job interwiev. In last days TC we learned about program Youth in Action included advanced opportunities. We could try to write our own project and organizators gave us some notices and advices.

In the project take part young people from Czech, Bulgaria, Romania, Italia, Spain, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. Project was organized by APY – Armenian Progressive Youth.

Reports from local newspapers

Ondřej Serbousek

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