Biodiversity for Life — Italy


Erasmus+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Youth exchange dates: 5—14 October 2022

Advance Planning Visit (APV) 21—23 September 2022. APV was attended by Jan Schmid.

Venue: Recoaro Terme, Itálie

Czech team: Lucie Bryxí (GL), Adam Bassiouni, Zuzana Havrdová, Gabriela Smílková, Filip Klimek, Janina Słowiaczek, Klára Kluzová, Adrián Vybíral

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Studio Progetto Soc. Coop. Soc.

Project report:

The youth exchange Biodivesity for life was organised by Studio Progetto in Recoaro terme. It intended to show us plants and herbs, animals, insects and bees. We learned how to adapt eco-friendly behaviour.

There were 5 teams. Italy, hosting country, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Portugal. There were also 3 volunteers from Spain, France and Turkey. Each team had 6 people. Czech team had 8, because Slovak team didn’t have enough people.

Recoaro terme is a small town under piccole Dolomiti and about 110 kilometres from Venice. We were accommodated in hotel Isola. The whole hotel was rented for us. There were ice cream shop, restaurants and coop.

The first day we played icebreaking games. We started to get to know each other. We went on 4 hikes. Two to nearby mountains and two near Valdagno. Our guides, Martina and Simone, showed us plants, spiders, snakes, newts and other animals. We went to see small villages in mountains, and spent a while there. They showed us old houses, their sustainable and independent life and bees.

On Saturday we went to pick up trash near the river. The locals do this every Saturday. On Sunday we had free day. Some of us went to Venice, some went to Verona or even hiking (again!?).

It was 10 awesome days. Leo, Sena, Manuel and Hugo were super helpful and made the project that awesome as it was.

Lucie Bryxí

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