Frugal Living — Croatia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Termín konání: 5.—11. prosinec 2022

Venue: Zagreb, Croatia

Czech team: Vanesa Nechalová (GL), Kamila Borovcová, Hana Navrátilová, Petr Kolář, Pavel Kolář, Tomáš Satke, Zuzana Palkovičová, Martin Kotyk, Miroslav Štěpánek

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Hosting organisation: Ekonomska Klinika

Project report:

For a week between 5th and 11th December I’ve been a part of a Czech team participating in the Youth exchange program in Zagreb, which has been organized by a Croatian  non profit organization Ekonomska klinika. Despite being their first project, Mia Štrelov, as a leader, and her colleagues have successfully prepared a project with the topic Frugal living with the visions of sharing their knowledge with us and educating us about basic economics.

For the whole week, we have been accommodated in a cozy Chill Out hostel, providing us with not only the bedrooms we shared with project participants from other countries, but also with three meals per day in the hostel bar/restaurant. The hostel also provided us with a conference room, where all the lectures were held. Upon arrival, we were offered to participate in a “welcome evening” in a  nearby bar, where we got to know the rest of the participants and also the organizers themselves and shared some basic facts about ourselves.

The first official project day was, as expected, very organizational and informative. We got to know some information about the nonprofit organization Ekonomska klinika, about the values and uses of a Youth pass, and the project itself and a rough image of our daily program. After all that we were given the task of exploring the city Zagreb in the form of a “Scavenger hunt” requiring us to explore not only the beauties of the city, but also the language itself.

In the following day we were learning and deepening our knowledge of economical thinking and financial literacy. Most of the knowledge has been passed onto us in the form of Powerpoint presentations accompanied by theoretical explanations and discussions about the daily topics. Another big part of our learning experience were group projects. Every day after the theoretical presentations, we were sorted into mixed groups and had to use our co-operative and organizational skills to carry out different tasks. These group projects were always a pleasant experience and we all had fun completing our tasks and practicing the theoretical knowledge we gained.

One evening was dedicated to the “Cultural evening”, where every participating country had the chance to represent their country, traditions, cuisine and beverages. A lot of dancing was involved, as well as quizzes about fun facts about our countries.

Thanks to punctuality of all the participants and organizers we were able to fit into our timetable and were left with a lot of free time, where we mostly in groups explored various corners of the city, museums, or simply spent time together chatting and getting to know each other.

As time flew by, the last day of our Youth exchange had arrived. In the morning we received some gifts, took commemorative pictures and said our official goodbyes.

Finally, I would like to thank not only EYCB for providing us with this great opportunity, but also Ekonomska klilnika for making the project a very pleasant and enjoyable experience with loads of unforgettable memories and fine knowledge.

Tomáš Satke

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