Holistic Facilitation – Armenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates: 10 – 19 December 2016

Participants: Jitka Jurníková, Veronika Šromová, Šimon Hečko

Participating countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Spain, The Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine

Hosting organisationLoesje Armenia

Project report:

Little Switzerland again! It was my third time I visited beautiful mountains of Armenia in little town called Dilijan (locals also call this place little Switzerland). And I have to say it´s just getting better and better!

The project with name Holistic Facilitation was realized from 10th to 19th December. On the project was around 30 participants from 10 countries. From each country 3 participants. The participating countries were : Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Moldova, Netherlands, Ukraine, Spain and Italy.

It was personal and emotional devlopment training, but also training for trainers. 
As always first days were about getting to know each other with other participants. Lot of funny team building games helping to remember names of each other and also some charasterictics, for example what we like or don´t.
The other days we went deep in our innerselfs through meditations. Short meditation was start of each and everyday on the project and we were guided exactly how to do it what to think about where to put our concentration. Me personally I would never believe how strong meditation can be and never believed in any power it could have. Now I do!
As it was emotional training we were thought how to deal with our emotions and how its connected to our body needs. Trying to switch off the mind and just observe what your body needs where and what you feel and what does it all mean to you. Somebody would think knowledge how to handle your emotions means that people who explode easily will learn how to solve things in calm. But actually it can be exact opposite and for example in somebodys case it can be that his body is telling him something about his emotion but he is not really showing it has problem with expressing emotions or his body is too disconnected from the mind.
My favourite excersise on the project was, when tehy told us to write our 10 biggest fears and then they otld us : ” Okay you are going to choose 1 or 2 of those frears and overcome them here” it was .. pretty intense. 
In the training was also a lot of connection with music how it influences our bodies but also how to choose correctly music for your session.
Should your session ahs music? in what parts what music? With lyrics or without ? These and other questions were answered on this project + in the end of project we were devided into groups of 3 members and we had to do our own session 45 miuntes long about almost whatever we want the only rules were it had to be about something connected at least a bit to body, emotions and we had to use music somehow in there. After this other participants had chance to criticize what they liked disliked or would do in another way in workshop of others and so did also the trainers.
Another part of project I really enjoyed was gestalt therapy where we had the chance to try to be actors a bit but mainly we discovered our limits. How good we are in saying NO to other people or ourselfes. 
To wrap it up I really enjoyed the whole training. Learned a lot of new stuff met a lot of new people and had loads of fun with them, but also went trough hard moments with them and after one week of intense training like this I very close to them like I would know those people for ages. I discovered a LOT about my ownself during that week that I didnt know 21 years that I have, even thought i am interested in personal development and participate on conferences and seminars about it. I would highly recommend or maybe better to say I wish to everybody to go trough something like that because it´s worth it and in my case im not afraid to say life changing experience. 

Conected to that I would like to say Big thanks to organisations EYCB, Loesje Armenia and LIVE N8W for this wonderful experience for young people like me.

Šimon Hečko

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