Creative Enterpreneurship — Turkey


Date: 4-10 July 2012

Venue: Izmir, Turkey

No of pax: 2 (a boy and a girl)

Project report:

We had a chance to be participants of the training course about creative entrepreneurship, which was held in western part of Turkey. Together with youth leaders from fifteen European countries we tried to find new ways to promote entrepreneurship among youngsters. Our main aim was to explore creative tools for young unemployed people who are in need of encouragement to start their own project and create their enterprises.

As there were participants from Greece, Spain and Italy, we focused on main obstacles which youngster have during crisis and we were trying to find creative solutions in order to successfully access the labour market. We worked on our competences and skills as well.

Many of participants were very experienced and it was interesting to spend our time together. The organizers were from different parts of Turkey so it was a good possibility to learn more about our host country.

And of course we had lots of fun! Lunch breaks in the swimming pool, beach nearby our hotel and evenings in Izmirs beautiful city centre – could you wish something more?

Lenka Rejzková

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