Live Together, Learn Together – Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Madrid, Spain 

Dates: 14 – 19 March 2017

Participants: Tomáš Voda, Tereza Rybová

Please read the Infopack Please also have a look at the social inclusion website of this project: You can also view the project video:  and see the results of this project on the following Facebook group:


Participating organisations: Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Greece

Project report:

It was 13th March and I was waiting in Prague airport. I was travelling to join Erasmus+ training course „Live together, learn together“ in Madrid from 14th to 19th February with Tereza, second participant from Czech republic. In Madrid we met participants from 9 other countries. There were 2 people from each country Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Greece. Spanish were 4.

At first meeting we discussed what is our expectation, what we will do and so on. It was enriching for us to meet these perfect people from so many countries. Tomás was our main project coordinator and I really want to thank him! Perfect course with perfect people. Many thanks also to host organization Club deportivo elemental dragones de Lavapies.

Next days we moved to 4 different comunity places like gardens, art buildings and so on in the most multicultural part of Spain, Lavapies. We also presented what we do in our countries to help live together with other people. It was amazing to learn so many things from everyone. We really learnt together how to live together and it was our goal of the course. We prepared a booklet to everyone for sharing what is self-managed comunity center, what type of work everyone do in their countries with youth and so on. Last day in Madrid I was discovering the historical part of Madrid and also the modern one. I really enjoyed the whole week and now I know that Madrid is beautiful city.

We took our planes to our countries but we are still in touch and we continue with work, because we have to improve our living in our villages and cities. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                Tomáš Voda

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