More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always – Activity 1: Active life style – Georgia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Two inter-connected youth exchanges:

  1. More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always – Activity 1: Active life style – Kobuleti, Georgia, 3-12 June 2018
  2. More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always – Activity 2: Creative expression – Lviv, Ukraine, 23 October – 3 November 2018Please see the gorgeous project video.

Participants: Tereza Hausnerová, Lucia Urbanová, Lucie Kroužková, Martina Steklá

Group leader: Marie Kolářová

Hosting organisationMore Mosaic

Project report: 

Exactly a week ago I was in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, I was getting ready for my flight back to the Czech Republic, packing my bits, saying goodbye to newly-made friends, enjoying the last hours in the wonderful country and reckoning how I would go on after returning back to my country after nearly two weeks packed with adventure …and it has been tough but wonderful at the same time!

The youth exchange More Mosaic for Everywhere for Everyone Always 2018, held in Kobuleti, Georgia, has been one of the best projects or activity I have ever participated at. The host organisation More Mosaic turned out to be so helpful not even at the project but before the arrivals as well; Yulia from the organisation was helping us with the tickets, airport transport or anything that popped on the way; Tamta from the Georgian partner organisation was always on the phone ready to safe anyone if necessary J; they were constantly asking the participants for any concerns for improving the logistics (food and accommodations) as well as any other issues we might face.

The program was facilitated by Tako, a trainer from Georgian partner organisation Iris, who together with Yulia were once again constantly improving already greatly prepared program so that it would adapt to participants needs in the most perfect way. I have been so pleasantly surprised how much participant-driven and oriented the project was – Tako and Yulia were constantly coming up with new ideas to be implemented and were also giving space and motivation to participants to prepare their own workshops or little knowledge-shared places and spaces.

The theme of the project was outdoor activities and it was amazing how many outdoor and non-outdoor activities we manged to combine. Of course, one of the highlights was trip to Mtirala National Park not far from Kobuleti where following our guide we learned about local fauna and flora, fascinated by the density of wild animals living at the place (bears, lynxes, badgers), and the drinking water from both waterfall and lake …having made this trip made us appreciate the amazing  nature of Georgia and the diversity that spreads across 4 climate zones. The trip was also a great bonding experience and everyone just got very inspired.

Aside the outdoor activities (including not only the field trip, but morning exercises, outdoor games or swimming) we did many indoor informal-oriented methods and games. We played well-thought team-building games, carried out creative and entrepreneurial challenges, as well as some thought-inspiring tasks – e.g. Ship of Dreams: the task was to go out and collect the trash around our path, in the park, around the beach, and build a floating ship from the trash we found. Later on, all teams met at the beach and put their creations at the test on rough waves of the Black Sea. Of course, the game was fun and good bonding experience, but above all it made us realise the unnecessary trash everywhere alongside the coast that is being thrown there by the recklessness of people because nobody teaches or motivates the community to behave otherwise. It was definitely a point well-taken and one that inspired many others.

All in all, the programme of this youth exchange was so well build that the time flew-by in rocket speed; I have met so many inspiring new people that became my friends and I have learned so much, not only about informal methods, but about myself, about nature, Georgia… or of my potential!

I want to thank More Mosaic for organising such a great project and devoting all the time and energy to youth because it is all absolutely valued. Also the photographer from More Mosaic organisation made one of the best project videos I have seen and he created and gave everyone the greatest memory to keep and share. Thank you for that, Martin!

I also want to thank EYCB for sending me to this project and therefore giving me such a chance. Please, keep up the good work because to many people such experiences are life-changing and one of a kind!

Marie Kolářová, 20th June 2018

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