Kino Soria — Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Soria, Spain

Dates: 11-18 November

Participants: Veronika Kůsová, David Krkoška, Barbora Kulíková

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Hosting organisation: Harmonii Coaching & Wellness

Participating countries:CR, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Georgia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan

Project report: 

In a world where media has a huge influence on the people everyone who wants to have a voice and change something needs to know how to use them. And that was the theme of the project which took place in Spain at the end of November. More than 30 people from all different countries came to Soria, a small town north of Madrid, to learn it.

Our final goal was to create a short film. A film that is able to raise awareness about social issues and can contribute to change. But how to do it? We participated in many workshops and lectures as a preparation. We have learned how to use film language, how to write a script and how media can be used when we are trying to make a change. Then we were ready to begin.

Young people from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Spain, and the Czech Republic were all together working on the common task and the atmosphere was amazing. We became close to each other very quickly thanks to the attitude of organizers and all the participants.

For the first time, I have experienced such a big concentration of talented and inspiring people in one place. Everyone had some special skill or talent and everyone had a way to contribute to the joint effort – and the result was worth it. Although we were all amateurs and we did not have much time or professional equipment, we were able to create remarkable films. Actually the whole week we spent in Soria was remarkable and I am grateful that I had a chance to be part of it.

David Krkoška

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