Inclusive Employability and Entrepreneurship Youth Work — Serbia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Mali Iđoš, Serbia

Dates: 14  – 22 September 2018

Participants: Tomáš Cieslar, Tereza Jirásková, Andre Zakuťanský

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Hosting organisationCentre for Non-formal Education and Lifelong Learning (CNELL)

Participating countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Sweden

Project report: 


We the czech team have just arrived from the project inclusive employability and enterpreneurship youth work in  Serbia,so we are still full of impression,which this project left in everyone of us. There was not a lot of participants so we as a group were really close and the team cooperation was nearly perfect. We met a lot of wonderfull  people from Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina,Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo with different thoughts and ideas  and the discussion with them about the employment rate and what  their governments do, to offer young people equall oppurtunities and also how is their own  enterprenurial youth work supported was really interesting. We discussed these topics in a large amount of sessions, excersices and others non-formal learning methods led by awsome trainers from Serbia and Montenegro, we also defined concepts of Isolation, Handicap, exclusion and youth with fewer oppurtunities and what all of us in our countries and NGO´s can do, to positively improve  their situation and how we can explore their needs and mayby also in the end of the project how to develop our own  local or european youth work strategy for disadvantaged youth employment and inclusion. Considering it all this project was really easy going as there weren´t any big “disputes“ between the participants, when we tried to find solutions of different problems and present our ideas infront of the whole group, also because of presentations like this and the informal communication between the participants, I think that everybody moved their level of english at least a little bit higher . One day we also had an excursion to Novi Sad (the 2nd biggest city of Serbia) where we were guided through the city by our friend from this project, who lives in Novi Sad, so we could see the most interesting spots of the city and fully enjoy the day. To sum it up I think that everyone of us had a great time as we established friendships with interesting people of different nationalities and as we were talking with them about politics, the reality of living in their country and small cultural “differences“  between us. In the end I should also mention that the food and accomodation was great, so mayby the only negative thing I can  say about this project is, that it lasted only  for 7 days.

Best regards

Tomáš Cieslar

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