Decoded – Bulgaria


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Training course

Dates: 16-26 April 2015

Venue: Ravnogor, Bulgaria

Participants: Ivan Kobelev, Zuzana Husarová, Veronika Pavlová, Aneta Zemanová

Participating countries: Croatia, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Please read the project info-pack.

Project report:

Project Synergy Coach Decoded was like an experience right from a fairy-tale. The training was organised by Synergy Bulgaria and applied was the method coming from Dutch NGO, Olde Vechte, and developed over the years when practicing it all around the international Synergy network (in Netherlands, Croatia, etc.). This community has its own particular attitude towards learning and personal development that is used all over their trainings. Its based in NLP, judgement-free space, accountable behaviour informal learning.  This trainer’s approach is very specific and different, if not opposite, from what I perceive as classic non-formal education, and it is what makes it in the end so uniquely powerful, especially in the field of personal development. What it brought me and what I have seen it brings other participants was internal transformation and change.

Project Decoded was training on practicing coaching. Participants were either ones with certain experience in the topic or totally new to it. Trainers have provided us methods we can use, space to practice it and strong support. Those methods were communication, body and neuro-linguistic techniques. The training took forms of group workshops, small group coachings, 1:1 coaching sessions, movement and dance activities, self-reflection. There was really a lot of space for self-coaching and setting own goals, checking and polishing them. Many of my own personal barriers and problems, and especially those deep and insidious, were removed thanks to everything what was created there. Liberation was one of things I brought myself home. Plus personal determination, courage and new „support system“, bunch of friends. It was very surprising to see that we somehow established connection among the group since the very 1st day.

What supported it all was the village of Ravnogor that I have found truly magic. Calm, beautiful, old, bringing peace to mind. Every day we got incredible meals cooked by mom of the organiser, every day we praised her for her art. If you go there, you will love it.

I recommend this experience to anybody, either a project in Bulgarian village of Ravnogor, either practicing coaching training or either any other Synergy training. It worked all-to-all truly great for me.

Ivan Kobelev

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