Democratic Movements and Social Media — Armenia


Programme & Action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2. training course

Venue: Diijan, Armenia

Dates: 27 November – 5 December 2013

Participants: Zuzana Hadarová, Lenka Kubesová, Jan Hubáček

Project report:

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International Training Course “Democratic Movements and Social Media” was carried out in Dilijan



From 27th of November to 05th of December in Dilijan, Armenia was carried out international training course “Democratic Movements and Social Media”.

Traininig course gathered 28 youth leaders and social workers from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, Switzerland, Georgia, Germany, Armenia, France, and Moldova in Dilijan, Armenia.


The training course “Democratic Movements and Social Media” was dedicated to the role and influence of social media in democratization process in Europe. Looking at the Arab spring in 2011, social media played an important role in fostering the impact of democratic grass-root movements. Similarly civil initiatives in Eastern Europe e.g. Armenia and Georgia are widely using Web 2.0 tools to bypass censorship in order to bring their messages and demands for change to the public.


Therefore, the training course elaborated on the potentials of new media and social networks for democratic change in Europe by introducing a broad variety of tools available, comparing different forms of social media tools in regards to their impact and by promoting the use of those tools in local and international youth work in order to foster democratic youth participation, particularly among hard to reach youth.


In terms of methodology, the training course applied non-formal education and exercise several tools with the participants. During 8 days through different exercises, discussions about practices and exchange of experience about democaric movements participants had chance to created a small scale media campaigns to promote a self-organized local event on a crucial topic of relevance for local youth. During the training course participants had chance to meet with local youth and had study visits to TUMO center of new media and creative technologies, as well as to have meeting with “Knowledge Development Center” representatives in Dilijan.


The training course was funded by Youth in Action programme of the European Commission and is organised and hosted by “Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan” NGO (YCCD). YCCD NGO is a youth-led organisation based in Dilijan and active in youth non-formal education, civil society development and active citizenship. It encourages young people to take an active role in shaping their society and own life.

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