For myself-For others-For Us! Role of Voluntary In building Valuable European Community — Poland


Venue: Wroclaw, Walbrzych, Dziećmorowice, Poland

Dates: 1-6 July 2012

Participants: Michal Žižlavský, Samanta Sofia Viana Lopes

Project report: 

The project took place in Gostiniec Nowa Wioska close to Walbrzych, Poland. 

There were 24 participants from 12 different countries (Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Spain.)

The format of the project was seminar, the topic volunteering. We were listening to presentations from the organizers and we had discussions among the participants. We were also introduced the Youth in Action program and we tried to develop a project together. The organizers were very nice.

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