Different Architectures, Common Cities — Turkey


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Köyceğiz-Muğla, Turkey

Dates: 18-25 November 2013

Participants: Nora Hlavatá, Monika Hudečková, Monika Hajská, Jakub Bakule, Jan Bakule, Ondřej Korol

Participating countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Spain

Project report: 

The Youth in Action project called „Different Architectures, Common cities“ took place in Köyceğiz between 18th and 25th of November 2013. Köyceğiz is not far away from Dalaman airport therefore it was easy to reach it and get into hotel which is situated on the coast of lovely lake. Speaking about accommodation one has to use only superlatives. Sadly the same does not apply about the organization of the whole project. In my opinion we did a work for day (although interesting) during the whole week at max. I was missing icebreakers, energizers etc. as well. On the other hand main organizer was really friendly and I have learnt a valuable lesson about project organization – mainly distinct points of view and diverse expectations from different people (both organizers and participants). Maybe I demand too much. Still going to Turkey was definitely worth it, as usually I was amazed by all the interesting people who came there. Thanks to them I have never felt that I wasted a single minute back in Turkey. There was always something to do. If I could I would love to see them again. And I should not forget about amazing boat trip. To sum it up, the whole project was refreshing experience for me, and although I might be critical about organization I have enjoyed it much I caught myself to be reminiscing about it in last days. It was kind of experience everybody should have in their lives.  

Jakub Bakule

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