Different but Equal — Bulgaria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

Dates: 16 – 23 May 2018

Participants: Lucie Rosenbergerová, Jakub Smejkal, Andrea Fleissigová

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey

Hosting organisationAssociation Focus

Project report: 

7 days, 10 countries, 30 young people from all around the Europe have met in small city Pazardzhik in Bulgaria for an international exchange of experience in topic “How to work with people with fewer opportunities”. Training course “Different but equal” runned by NGO FOCUS has been amazing experience to learn, to discover and understand how is the topic of “disabilities” sensed in different countries and working environments.

All of us came with our experience, knowledge and different expectations and throughout the week we invested our time, lot of energy and interest into the topic, into each other. Strong debates, heavy theatre performances, different workshops, visit of daily center with people with mental disabilities, excursion to historical city Plovdiv and taking part in traditional Balkan festival has made a whole week unforgettable, eye-opening experience. 

After the training course we were leaving to our homes with better awareness, new friends, different point of view, lot of emotions and hopefully desire to make a difference.

Training course Different but equal has been simply little bit different Training course. Full of love, care for each other, hugs, games, sharing and laughing together. After all, we were all different. We were all equal.

Thanks to Ivo and FOCUS Association for creating this and EYCB for sending us. 

Andrea Fleissigová

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