Digital Marketer — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Alijó, Portugal

Dates: 12—18 September 2023

Czech team: 3 participants 

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: VR Marketing Association

Project report:

This incredible training course had a simple yet powerful mission: to empower
participants. Our group included three enthusiastic members from the Czech
Republic, alongside peers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Romania.
Together, we embarked on an exciting journey with one goal in mind: to level up
our knowledge and skills in the exciting world of Digital Marketing.

Guiding us on this adventure were two fantastic professionals, Stefi and Marian.
They brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, making every
learning moment engaging and enlightening.

To kick off each day, we had some fantastic ice-breaker activities. These weren’t
just about fun; they helped us bond and get ready for the day ahead. We then
dove into various Digital Marketing topics, exploring everything from content
marketing to affiliate marketing. Not only did we get better at the technical
aspects, but we also improved our communication and teamwork skills. We even
learned practical skills like crafting impressive CVs and mastering social media
for businesses.

And it wasn’t all work and no play! We had free time to explore the charming
town, creating opportunities for casual chats and bonding with our diverse group
of fellow participants.

In a nutshell, this training course was simply amazing. It seamlessly blended
education, teamwork, and cultural exchange, resulting in a well-rounded and
unforgettable experience. We not only gained invaluable insights into Digital
Marketing but also formed lasting connections with friends from different

Michaela L.

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