Digitalizing Outdoors Activities — Poland


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Zakopane, Poland

Dates: 15—23 April 2023

Czech team size: 3 youth workers (aged 23+)

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Edukacyjno-Europejska

Project description:

Nowadays the world is filled more and more with smartphones, tablets, video game systems, and virtual reality, it’s crucial than ever that young people get outdoors, because lack of exposure to nature impacts their health and social competencies. The issue became even more important since last year when many young people stayed locked inside, without the possibility to visit nature and interact with their peers.

Being in the outdoors can decrease one’s stress level, accelerate healing from an injury or illness, increase one’s ability to focus, communicate and express freely — even in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity  disorder.

But not all youth workers and educators are aware of the benefits of these methods and/or have the capability and skill to use them in practice with their target groups. Even taking into account that digital  tools became in some cases the “only” tool that you can use in order to organise activities, in order to follow national health regulations and measures. In many cases, there is a lack of knowledge, thus not many  organisations in the youth work field can afford to take the risk and replace good old methodology with digital tools (web pages, apps, etc)

Digitalizing Outdoors Activities project aims to increase the adaptiveness and quality of the youth work by equipping the youth workers and educators with the competencies needed to organise outdoors activities using digital tools.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to exchange tools and experience about outdoors activities
  • to develop competencies of youth workers and educators to identify the needs of various target groups and adapt their activities according to them
  • to develop competencies of youth workers and educators develop own outdoor activities combining them with digital tools
  • to build a community that supports the quality of outdoors projects for young people.

The project consists of a residential training course, local follow up activities in each partner community, online/virtual seminar with elements of the Partnership Building Activity.

Participants’ profile:

For the participants’ selection the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • youth workers and educators who are familiar with outdoor activities or motivated to acquire them to use in daily work
  • Also:
    • youth workers who have little or no experience in combining outdoor activities with digital tools
    • youth workers aged 23 and older
    • youth workers committed to working during the whole project, meaning also the implementing outdoor activities in their local communities, online Seminar, activeness and contribution in community building and follow-up activities

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