Discover Green Jobs — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 23—31 August 2021

Venue:  Lahage, Francee

Please read the infopack.

Participating countries: France, Czech Republic, Greece, Algeria, Germany, Ukraine 

Hosting organisation: Association 3PA

Czech team: Lenka Tomečková (GL), Michal Soldán, Andrea Hisernová, Natálie Krubnerová, Lucie Černá, Tereza Vondrášková

Project report: 

A week in France with bunch of people from 5 different countries (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece and Ukraine) and discovering environemental actions and eco lifestyle? Sign me in! 

The project called „Discover Green Jobs“ took place in the South of France near to Pyrenees, in the little village Lahage where there was the main residence of 3PA, the organization that had prepared the whole project. It was focused on youth unemployment and how to connect this issue to environmental and ecological actions. 

Since 2004 3PA has been developing activities in the field of ecological transition. Their aim is to make young people more aware about green jobs and to find a job in this area. And that is basicaly what the project was about. 

The whole week we were exploring the topic of climate change and how to help planet to be less harmed. We have learned a lot about circular economy through workshops such as wood work, where the people from 3PA showed us how to use old pallets to make for example a bird net, or eco construction workshop where we learned how to make a brick from natural components (straws, clay, water,…). We could have also experinced the zero waste prepared food because 3PA has contracts with several shops around the village about not wasting food that the shops cannot sell. So when there is such food (mostly vegetable and fruit), 3PA take it for free and they prepare from such leftovers very tasty lunch and so on. Among all the different workshops we had also a lot of activities focused on teamwork so we had the chance to get to know each other better and it was also a great oppurtunity to learn a lot about ourselves. 

Part of the project was also the hike to Pyrenees. I think all of us enjoyed this activity the most not just because of the huge and beautiful mountains but also because of the main point of the trip – meeting the young local shepherd that spoke about how hard is actually the life of a shepherd (imagine for example waking up everyday in 4 am to get the sheeps to the huge hills pastures no matter what the weather looks like and to spend whole day by watching over the sheeps). 

Above all, I must say I could not imagine a better project to be part of. Not only we had amazing program all days long but also our leaders – Petra, Guillaume and Val – created a perfect environment for us. A place where we could feel – eventough just for a week – welcomed and safe. They didn’t force anyone into anything, they always gave us a choice, whether we want to participate or not, they didn’t forbid anything. And as a result – we actually wanted to participate in almost every activity. 

                                                                                                                          Andrea Hisemová 

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