Discover Green Jobs — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 23—31 August 2021

Venue:  Lahage, Francee

National group size: 4+1 group leader

Please read the infopack.

Participating countries: France, Czech Republic, Greece, Algeria, Germany, Ukraine 

Hosting organisation: Association 3PA

Project description:

Youth unemployment (Youth not in employment, education or training = NEET) rates are generally much higher, even double or more than double, than unemployment rates for all ages. In the end of 2020 youth unemployment rate in European union reached 17,8 percent. Young people under 25 are facing a lot of difficulties to find a job, especially these ones who doesn’t have any diplomas.

Since 2004, 3PA develops activities in the field of ecological transition. Since 10 years, we have oriented our activities headed for the young people NEETs on the subject of environmental and ecological transition by the prism of employment and jobs which are related to. How to
reconcile the struggle against climate change and environmental protection by developing youth employment? On this theme, we have decided to propose an youth exchange, in order to promote the green jobs among young people and to act concretely against climate change.

Target group:
• Young people who would like to try something new and who would like to discover non-formal
education and its possibilities and advantages
• Young people who are interested in green jobs and in green economy in order to see future
opportunities of working in this sector
• Young people who are motivated to try new things and to discover the world of the sustainable
development, green jobs, green industries, ecology, etc.
• Young people who would like to get known more about different cultures and habits and who would like to practice foreign languages and share their experience with others

Objectives of the Youth Exchange:

• to make young people not only in Europe more aware about green jobs and their possibilities to find a work in this field or similar one
• to extend knowledge of young people in the field of ecology, eco-citizenship and green economy
• to allow young people to be also actors and not only consumers
• to allow young people to live new experience in the foreign country and to support the idea of youth mobility as a learning possibility
• to help young people ask questions about their own identities, ideas, culture and the identity of the environment where they are living
• to work and share experience with open-mind and without prejudices and stereotypes
• to provide local, international organizations and NGOs with new tools to conceive and implement actions and projects of youth employment in the sustainable development

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