Do It Yourself — Greece


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Group leaders: Martina Ulmanová, Jana Pustelníková

Participants: Lucie Fröhlichová, Kristýna Vohralíková, Ondřej Prášek, Maroš Tupý, Adnan Saleh

Venue: Halkidona of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dates: 1-8 December 2013

Participating countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania and France

Project report: 

The motto «Do it yourself» represents the main idea of the youth exchange taking place in Halkidona area of Thessaloniki, Greece. The program lasted seven days from 1st to 8th December and was focused on creative recycling. That means that 44 participants from 5 different countries (Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, France and Czech Republic) were remaking old, damaged and useless objects into useful and beautiful creations.

Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization of our leader – Irma we could create many wonderful things. Each of us was said to bring old clothes like T-shirts, belts, shoes, jeans and sandals as well as broken jewelleries, buttons, chains, plastic bottles, CDs or favourite photos. Except for „small“ products which we could carry back home we were also renovating big stuff like some old furniture. In addition, the weekly agenda included many energizers, brainstorming sessions, workshops and social games which helped us to unite and make friends regardless the nationality. I must not forget to mention international evenings which were part of the program and which allowed us to taste traditional food and see national dances of four different countries. During our free day which was planned on Friday we had opportunity to visit an amazing city of Thessaloniki and I am happy to say we spent really beautiful time there.


​All in all, the project was very enriching for each of us, we learned how to cooperate, met new culture, did many lovely items, got new information about protection the environment, developed our creativity and last but not least – made new friends! We were glad  to be there!

Martina Ulmanová

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