E+ for Environment — Greece


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Paranesti, Dramas, Greece

Dates: 1-9 September 2019

Participants: Lucie Patzeltová, Veronika Římanová, Tomáš Fogl, Martin Mikl 

Group leader: Jakub Sobočik

Host organisation: EN.O GREECE

Participating countries: Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain and Serbia

Project report: 

Between Sep 2 – Sep 8 we had an amazing time in sunny Greece on a a project organised by ENO Greece called E+ for environment. It took place in beautiful mountaneous area in Paranesti, Drama province, Greece. It gathered young people from Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Spain, Czechia and Serbia.

The aim of the project was to raise environmental awareness of us participants, give us tools to measure our environmental footprint, contribute to our recognition of non-formal education as a basic tool for our and societal development and to help us adopt eco-friendly practices in everyday life.

We participated in various activities including educational games, debates, presentations including case studies of participating countries. There was also a space for sharing ideas and skills through workshops of choice carried out by individual participants. Most of us also agreed to organise and carry out clean up in surrounding hills. We broughts bags and bags full of thrash. So it was not just talking but also action!

Last three days of the project were dedicated to creating an environmental information campaign of our choice. We decided to create an online platform where we could share ideas and good pratices for protecting environment and reducing our environmental footprint with each other and with the public. Thus we can become active citizens in our home countries. We created articles, videos and also a beautiful logo and flag in Paranesti and our aim is to continue spreading goodness also at home.

Except the activities we also enjoyed presence of each other, passionate conversations, intercultural nights, jumping to an icy river, trip to a seaside, rafting, watching sunset, stargazing and meditating on a nearby hills. We created real international friendships so I am really happy that I decided to go!

Small steps to a bigger change!

Jakub Sobocik

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