Employ Me – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Antalya, Turkey

Dates:  15-23 October 2016

Participants: Klára Jůnová, Sarah Asfour, Liliana Asfour, Veronika Stříbrná, Tomáš Fogl, Jakub Janata

Group leader: Petra Voženílková 

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Participating countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain

Hosting organisation: Antalya Aktif Yaşam Topluluğ

Project info:

Günaydin, the first Turkish word that we had learned. The translation means „good morning “. Very useful word if you want to make Turkish people smile in the morning.

This is how we started our experience in Turkey together with people from other countries: Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

The topic of our project was reflecting one of main problems of Europe nowadays – youth unemployment. Thanks to great organizational skills of our facilitators we could analyse this issue deeply through various activities and methods. First of all, each country had presentation describing the situation on local labour market. Later in following days we were simulating fictive interviews with potential employers and were given feedback on how to make our CV more attractive. Moreover, we created a video-CV! That’s powerful technological tool that can differentiate one applicant from the others.

I would like to highlight organizers’ ability to manage our team during the entire project. The basic rule “Respect” was following us everywhere and every time. All participants respected this rule and tried to be as helpful as possible. It is always about culture differences, language barriers etc. Regardless this diversity we worked together as a real team!

Apart from discussion about unemployment across Europe we had chance to get to know the host country closer. Turkey welcomed us with its hospitality on every corner. Whether you are into gastronomy – traditional Turkish tea served with Turkish delight, kebab prepared in variety of ways or you are nature-lover who enjoys beautiful sea, hilly landscape all around or just oriental atmosphere in the heart of cities. Bargaining is fun too!

To summarize, this autumn experience helped us to understand what problems other countries face and what solutions they offer. No doubts that all participants know how to make their CVs extraordinarily and what’s more, we have become friends with many people from all around the world.

Big thanks go to people who contributed to make those projects happen. Our Czech team is grateful for this opportunity!

Petra Voželníková

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