Empowering Minorities: a project to improved practices for work with minorities — Albania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 3 (Capacity Building in the Field of Youth): Training course

Venue: Durres, Albania

Dates: 25 January – 1 February 2019

Participants: Kristýna Sosnová, Lukáš Peluněk, Taher Kebab

Please read the  info-pack & daily activities schedule.

Hosting organisation: Dyert e se Ardhmes (D.E.A.)

Project report: 

The Project to Improved Practices for Work with Minorities started 25th January in Durrës, Albania after all participants were successfully collected from Tirana airport and transported to lovely hotel Acropol nearly 100m from a beach (close enough to have a seaview from balcony). After delicious dinner and some decent sleep, group of 27 people happened to sit in a circle and introduce themselves one by one. Three representatives of each country: Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Kosovo, Albania. Even though ages of individuals were distributed between 17 and 40, we managed to create an unforgettable atmosphere during whole stay and get the most out of this week. 

In the mentioned circe we sat from that time every day. The program usually contained two 90min sessions in the morning and other two in the afternoon. An evening activity was provided almost every night, which allowed us become closer and closer friends with other participants.

During the sessions we prevalently discussed topics regarding to the issue, did a lot of team work, managing both group and individual projects, presented our ideas and defended our opinions. Our skilful supervisors managed to involve us in the actual problems and made us think about certain topics very deeply. It was a joy to work in such a friendly young environment full of inspiring people. 

Except for the sessions, we also conducted a small research as a part of community mapping thanks to which we had the opportunity to explore the city of Durrës and it’s beautiful surrounding and interact with local citizens. 

One evening was occupied by Intercultural night, when each country got a chance to be introduced and promoted. Traditional snacks, drinks, products, music, dances and stories entertained the whole hotel and made us some life-lasting memories. 

Our awesome supervisors also arranged an Open space, when each of us could choose to share his/her experience regarding any topic. We found out lots of useful information about other Erasmus+ opportunities such as Erasmus Mundus master programme or Erasmus+ univeristy study exchange. People led seminars about public speaking, theatre, public journalism, charities and others. 

During our stay we got to know all the sending organisations from participating countries and so got informed about plenty of other ways to take part in such international projects. 

To sum it all up, the whole week was an awesome event providing us with unrepeatable experiences. We met very talented ambitious people who motivated us to stay active and keep participating in more courses like this one. Big thumbs up and thanks go to Ilona, Mimosa, Matilda and Kyla who took care of us the whole stay and made sure we had the best time possible.

Kristýna Sosnová

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