E+QUALITY Week: Improving project management competences in youth work – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Bisceglie, Bari, Italy

Dates: 1-8 December 2017

Participants: Martin Vašek, Ivona Pokorná, Kateřina Steinerová

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Participating countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta and Romania.

Hosting organisationEuroSud NGO

Project report: 

Winter but still sunny Italy hosted the Training Course for Youth workers. Project was organized by Italian NGO from Bari and was placed very close to the city in picturesque village Bisceglie. The project has been aimed to increase a quality of E+ projects and to provide a space for sharing good practices and networking among youth workers / project managers.

How does it look like in reality? If you have never been on a E+ project, you might wander what is going on there. For those, whose are already experienced, sorry for such a detailed description.

First day is an arrival day when most of participants come to a venue, have a group dinner and first Get to know each other activity. What is in fact some “children game” where you have to repeat names of other participants, or you get some questions and you have to ask / answer them to each other. It helps to break an ice, release a tension and remember names, and it continues on the next day, when the rest of participants finally arrived and mostly relaxed enough to participate on a programme. First day can seem as when it is only about playing stupid games and you will not learn anything there, but you will realize an advantage of it later, when you need to work in teams.

That’s how it generally works and how it was this time as well. We have had many workshops, where we had to cooperate, always in different groups with different people, deal with different opinions and needs, different characters,… Thanks to it you learn a lot about people. A lot about a teamwork and work under a stress. What is pretty useful skill for project managers. But the group didn’t contain only experienced project managers. It’s also typical aspect of non-formal education, that gathers people from various backgrounds with different level of experience. Those people can teach each other.

The project was conducted in very good way. I can highly recommend EuroSud as an hosting organization. Their reaction to every need is fast and they were always available for any question or request. The trainers were very experienced and they were able to provide new, valuable information even to experienced youth workers in every workshop, and they knew how to lead us to make useful professional connections among each others. So everyone went home with some new ideas for next projects, new power and enthusiasm, and also nice memories for the best / or the worst food in their lives J. 

Ivona Pokorná

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